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  • Renaissance’s Business Model: Renaissance helps turn strategy into meaningful and measurable results. We create impact by designing and driving real change. Because of this, Renaissance maintains long-term client relationships with world-class clients.
  • Dynamic Culture: At Renaissance, we encourage an entrepreneurial environment while discouraging a hierarchical system. Consultants at all levels have opportunities to shape their own work environments, and to impact directly the fortunes of the company through business development work and work for first-time clients.
  • Exposure opportunities: Consultants at all levels will have significant exposure both to senior clients and to partners/principals at Renaissance, enabling greater learning than you will find in other organizations. Most people at Renaissance also have the chance to work on international projects and to work with clients in different industries.

Renaissance works with world-class multinational corporations, as well as mid-sized leaders in specialized industries. At Renaissance, we adhere to a true generalist business model, without an industry-specific focus. We have taken on projects in a variety of functional areas, including go-to-market, manufacturing, acquisitions and integrations, and corporate legal, finance and sourcing. Our experiences have spanned the globe, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.

Consulting is a dynamic job with less repetition than most. We focus on an industry, identify our client’s issues, make an impact, and then move on to a new challenge. Early in your career, you will have the opportunity to interact with senior-level clients, exchanging ideas and contributing to their success. Consulting here is action-oriented – at Renaissance, you’re not just thinking in a vacuum, you’ll also see results. Consulting will teach you to be well-rounded, to think in more interesting ways, and to learn about a variety of industries. Finally, time as a consultant gives you the skills you’ll need – in finance, in research, in public speaking – for the rest of your life.

For Associate Consultants, Renaissance has no prerequisites with respect to academic major or work experience. Instead, we look for candidates who exhibit:

  • A record of achievement
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Analytic and quantitative ability
  • Team and organizational skills
  • A strong interest in business
  • Verbal and communication skills

For Consultants, Renaissance looks for candidates with two to five years of work experience, with prior consulting or relevant industry experience preferred. We look for candidates who exhibit:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Comprehensive research/analytic skills
  • Superior verbal and written communication
  • Ability to drive conversations with firm leadership and client personnel
  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight
  • Ability to adjust work style to new clients, projects and teams

For Senior Consultants, Renaissance looks for candidates with at least four years of work experience and previous consulting experience or relevant analytical background. We look for candidates who exhibit:

  • Attention to detail while managing competing priorities and tight time pressures
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to facilitate senior client meetings and drive conversations with firm leadership
  • Desire to lead and motivate teams in dynamic and challenging work environments
  • Results-oriented, self-directed, inquisitive, and entrepreneurial-minded
  • AC Onboarding: Renaissance boasts a robust two-week training program to introduce new hires to basic consulting skills and Renaissance-specific processes. You’ll also be assigned a buddy to support you through your first year. Consulting is best learned on the job, and in your first six months you will be given the time and resources necessary to quickly climb the learning curve. You will likely learn the most from your co-workers, who, even at the highest levels, are always accessible and willing to spend time coaching you.
  • Consultant and Senior Consultant Onboarding: Renaissance tailors its training program for Consultants and Senior Consultants based on each new hire’s skills and experience to review important consulting skills and introduce new hires to Renaissance-specific processes. You’ll also be assigned a buddy to help familiarize you with Renaissance. You will likely learn the most from your co-workers, who, even at the highest levels, are always accessible and willing to spend time coaching you.
  • Continuing Development: Consultants at all levels participate in on-going training exercises and company-wide seminars to hone everyday skills such as slide writing, presentations and public speaking, and client management. Informal, ad-hoc feedback is a staple at Renaissance and, combined with formal training, it creates an environment of continuous learning.

Some of our consultants come from other leading consulting firms, such as Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Monitor, and Parthenon. Others come from non-consulting backgrounds – our consultants have been Peace Corps volunteers, teachers, and worked for major international NGOs and corporations. Many of our consultants come from world-class educational institutions, including the Ivy League and Top 10 business schools.

There is no such thing as a “typical” project in consulting. While our projects vary greatly, a strategy project tends to last three to four months while an implementation initiative may last six to twelve months. During implementation initiatives, consultants often have the chance to rotate projects. As a result of the successful outcomes of our projects, Renaissance is often re-engaged by clients to complete follow-on or implementation-phase work. We are proud of our 90% rehire rate, which allows us to see our strategies through to completion and develop close relationships with clients.

Typical case teams consist of three to four colleagues, but this can vary substantially by case. Though roles on a case team are well-defined, Associate Consultants often have the opportunity to work directly with a Manager or Principal and are challenged to take on tasks with increasing levels of responsibility.

At Renaissance, you will have contact with Partners and Principals from day one, whether you are an Associate Consultant, Senior Consultant or Manager. If you do not have the opportunity to work with a Partner or a Principal on a client project, you will almost certainly work with one on an internal project. Renaissance’s Partners are very accessible to everyone at the firm, including Associate Consultants.

Consultants at all levels may work on one to two cases at a time. This will be influenced by the type of project, the travel involved in the engagement and other project-specific issues. When possible, the two cases are for the same client, but in different areas of the business, as this provides an opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of a company.

We average 45-60 hours per week, including travel. Since consulting is a deadline-based business, there are inherent peaks and valleys, and you can expect some late nights and weekends during crunch times. However, we strive to and succeed at maintaining a work-life balance.

At Renaissance, we believe that consultants should only travel when necessary. The average travel schedule is three to four days per week, although this varies by case. In addition, consultants at all levels may have the opportunity to work on an international project, depending upon availability and interest.

At Renaissance, unlike more rigid, larger firms, we have no “two-year track” or “up or out” policy. Instead, you will have the opportunity to progress as fast as your ability and drive will take you. For Associate Consultants, you will not be forced to leave after two years, though the skills you develop will prepare you to do any number of things: business or other graduate programs, a career in industry, or a further career in consulting. Many Senior Consultants, Engagement Managers and Principals started at Renaissance as Associate Consultants.

The short answer is: the sky is the limit. Renaissance believes strongly in allowing its people the latitude to fulfill their potential at their own pace. As you progress, you will enjoy more ownership of work, leadership roles, and client contact.


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