Our recruitment process

If you are invited for interview, our informal process (typically comprising three or four interviews) will give you the opportunity to meet a range of our people, and will give us a balanced view of your knowledge and skills. At the first interview you will be asked to complete a short application form.

There may be more than one person conducting each interview, but this is not intended to intimidate – it’s just that two heads are better than one!

First interview: introduction

  • Familiarize you with Renaissance Data Solutions
  • Assess your compatibility with Renaissance’s culture and environment

Second interview: technical evaluation

  • Assess your knowledge in the area of your specialty
  • Assess your general industry knowledge
  • Test your logical thinking in an unfamiliar technical environment
  • Test your non-technical skills (i.e. communication skills)

Third interview: joining Renaissance

  • Your salary expectations
  • The date you wish to start with Renaissance
  • Addressing any concerns in you joining Renaissance

Panel interview (where applicable)

If you are a project manager or a senior hire, we may invite you to a panel interview in which you will have the opportunity to present to a panel of senior staff at Renaissance. You will be given a topic on which to present for approximately 10 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

Post interview

Upon completion of the interview process, we will reflect on the information discussed in the interviews and your expectations. You will receive either:

  • A proposed package and starting details
  • An invitation to join our associate pool where you will be contacted about specific opportunities suited to your specific skills and expertise
  • Feedback outlining the reasons why you have been unsuccessful in your application

how can we help you?

Contact us by following the link below, by calling +1 877 450 8771, or by selecting the Live Chat at the bottom of the screen.

Renaissance helped my company improve our technology so that management became easier and more efficient.

Amanda Siegel
Owner & C.E.O., JPL Media
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