Signs You've Outgrown Your IT Supplier

Change IT Service

Organizations are turning to IT to help their business grow and they need the right IT Provider by their side.

SMBs are feeling positive about growth according to a study carried out by the Telegraph, YouGov and EasyJet. 52% of businesses expect to grow up to 10% in the next year and 15% expect to grow between 10% – 20% in the next 12 months.

IT companies need to be at the forefront of technology and proactive in their business approach – this creates a platform for their clients to grow and develop with no limitations. However, some IT companies will only cover you for basic IT Support and nothing else. If you are looking for more than just IT Support, you need an Outsourced IT Provider; one that engages at all levels within your organization.

Reputable IT Providers should provide and cover all the responsibilities you would expect from an internal IT team. This can include tasks such as managing the relationships of your IT application vendors, general IT management, proactive systems maintenance, end user support and above all else, strategic input to assist your business growth initiatives.

How to know when you have outgrown your IT provider?

When you outgrow your provider, a main concern is that service levels will drop. When once you had a great level of service to your 10 employees, the provider is now struggling to adequately support the growing demand as your staff count increases to 50 plus: all with their own individual needs and requirements.

You will also find that as you grow, so will your business applications. You will need an IT Provider who has the technical know-how and business acumen to engage and manage relationships with multiple system vendors. This will enable them to be able to align new business systems into your organization with minimal business disruption.

Fighting Fires

Just as in the real world, there is an assumption that ‘fires’, metaphorically speaking, must be dealt with immediately. However, a too frequent need for emergency action may reflect poor planning or a lack of organization which in turn is likely to tie up resource that is needed elsewhere.

Companies who work like this will spend most of their time rushing from task to task, not completing one before another interrupts them. They find it hard to prioritize their workflow and aren’t sure of how long they have taken on any one ticket. Serious problem-solving efforts degenerate into quick and bad patches.

This constant firefighting and lack of proactive input will introduce and most worryingly increase business interruption.

This can be due to your IT provider lacking the experience or knowledge to foresee, plan for and prevent against any issues that could arise.


We say it all the time with both the Outsourced IT Solutions and Cloud Solutions that we provide – One size does not fit all. For each and every client the IT Provider should craft a tailored solution that captures your business in its entirety, fitting in with your specific needs and requirements. More importantly, it should be able to evolve and adapt with your business as it changes and grows.

Choosing a forward-thinking IT Provider means they will always be one step ahead, suggesting ways you can improve your business with IT and encouraging you to grow, not limiting you.

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